Facebook Opt Out

Ok this will be a fast one. I’m guessing most of you have heard about the new facebook’s privacy (and not only) changes. Facebook will more or less try to connect socially the hole web through its platform. Neat? Not really. Any way, that’s not the point. The thing is that once again our personal data (that of course we chose to put in Facebook so that makes us more or less co-resposible) will be shared through the web without our will. Ha, it seems there is a way we can avoid that from happening!

If you are a privacy freak like me then probably you won’t need to do anything since as I found out in my Facebook’s profile privacy settings page everything that has to be unchecked already was! For everyone else do the following:

  1. go here and click edit setting. Then uncheck the check box!
  2. then go here and uncheck everything.
  3. and finaly go to pandora, yelps and docs application page and block them (click block on the top left of the page under the apps badge).

Thats it. Now you are free like a bird!

P.S I’m guessing that more apps like pandora, yelps and docs, that we will have to manually block them in order to avoid using our data, will come… so keep your eyes open.