Dropbox is a great service and Dropbox iPhone app is a cool but inadequate application. The reason behind its inadequacy is Apple’s restrictions for all Applestore apps. All apps are sandboxed and can not use the iOS’s file system and its contents. Thus, from your dropbox iPhone app you can only upload photos or videos. One more lucking feature of dropbox app is that you can not edit any of your files. If you have a jailbroken iPhone through you can easily edit your stuff with iFile but there is no option for uploading them to your dropbox. That’s kind of crappy if you ask me.

To overcome this issue we can use the sendtodropbox service. Sendtodropbox creates a unique email address that pushes all the mails that receive to your dropbox. So you can simply email whatever file you want (through iFile) and in a few minutes it will be in your dropbox. By default the files are saved to Attachments / filename but it also has  some (limited) options you can choose from.

I am using it a couple of days now and it “just works”. That’s enough for me!