Blurb Photobook quality issue

It was about time to address the Blurb issue! Ho, I make it sound so serious. I’m very into (digital) photography and I have to say that moving my photos outside the computer’s screen is quite a hassle. So I went to the blurb Photobook solution. To tell you the truth, to the unskilled eye the Photobook looks great. It’s a compact, neat and well made (when it comes to materials) book. I wasn’t that happy with mine though. The photos were not that sharp and as if that wasn’t enough, the printing quality was bellow average. If you compare a photo printed from your ordinary photoshop and one from blurb the latter loses hands down. The photos had (if you took a really good and close look) some horizontal lines that looked like the marks old dot matrix printers had.

Although they lack in image quality, they rock in customer service! I complained to them about my photobook quality, they asked some photos of the “problem” which I sent it to them right away and they sent me an other photobook free of charge!! Whoo hooo! No I have two average printed photobooks (hehe)!

Overall, if you want to print your vacation photos in a photobook and have it on your coffee table, etc, etc, blurb will fulfill your expectations / needs. For everyone else, look elsewhere!

Anyway, that was about it. To tell you the truth I don’t think I’m gonna buy from them again. So I am seeking for alternatives. If you know any, feel free to share it!

p.s For the record I printed my photobooks using the high quality paper not the ordinary one.