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Passwords Security and LastPass

To remember usernames and passwords for the online services we use can be an extremely tedious procedure. What most people do (among them also me) is to have at least three passwords that start from the strongest, followed by the ok but not that safe one and finish with the “123456” one. We tend to put our strong one to the most important websites like our email, facebook, online bank accounts and we distribute the other two among sites, forums, services that we do not use that often. Well, to start with, this is totally wrong. By doing this if someone finds out our main password then it has access to the most important piece of our online life.

Having in mind that, most of us create multiple alternatives of our strong password based on a simple algorithm that can easily be remembered. So far so good. Having multiple passwords for our most important services and on top of that two more passwords for the less important, we can sleep safe at nights.

What happens though, when we decide to change passwords? Continue reading…

Think before you login. Firesheep.

While I was preparing a post about secure passwords and password management systems I run into this:

Well, we all knew it is possible, we all knew it is not that difficult but seeing it in action it is socking, to say the least! I installed it and tested it and of course it does what it says. So from now on think twice what sites you are going to visit through an open Wi-Fi!