New Year, new toys

2011 came with two new toys for me.

First, a new lens for my precious Nikon D80. The Nikon 24mm f/2.8. I wanted for a while now a wide prime lens. They are ideal for street and indoors photography and their small size make them extremely portable. I was between the Nikon 28mm f/2.8 and the one I finally bought. The reviews for the latter were excellent (in contrast to the ones about the 28mm) and I managed to find it refurbished in a I-have-to-buy-this-now price. I haven’t tested it properly yet, so I can’t really provide any kind of feedback regarding its quality. I like the feeling of a prime lens though. They drive you towards more creative paths and make you think your frame a little bit more before you shoot. I love my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 also but it is too narrow for anything else than portraits in my humble opinion (especially for a DX camera). One more thing that is a plus for prime lenses is that they produce better quality photos than any zoom lens at their specific focal length (of course we are talking about lenses in the same quality / price category). Ideally, in the future I will acquire a zoom 70-300mm or a prime 105mm lens (i haven’t decide yet) to complete my lens arsenal!

Secondly, an exceptional Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver! I didn’t even imagine that there were gadgets like this one out there! With this thing you can connect your iPhone with your speakers, home cinema system e.t.c through bluetooth and play your music wireless! Given the fact that I have all the music I would like to hear in my iPhone it is great to be able to hear on the fly my library through my sound system in the living room! A perfect gift, thanks guys!