iOS4 and Battery Problems

iPhone 3Gs owners have been caught to be complaining about battery drain issues after they upgraded their precious iPhone’s to iOS4. I don’t blame them because after a week or so with Apple’s new operating system I might say that a slight problem indeed occurs but through a few steps it could be easily alleviated.

To begin with, Apple’s “pioneer and innovating” multitasking system (multitasking that’s not actually multitasking but it’s something like a pseudo-multitasking trying to impersonate multitasking) is indeed a great upgrade and I sure love to download totally legal stuff from Installous while I am listening to streaming radio and browsing to the web but that kind of usage isn’t battery friendly at all. Especially, if you tend to neglect closing applications that you were using previously and do not need anymore. I thought that iOS4 would be a little bit smarter and close some inactive apps after a while but it seems that it doesn’t!

So, what are the steps we need to follow to prevent us from the perpetual quest of feeding our iPhone’s with energy?

The answer is to Jailbreak you iPhone and download sbsettings. By this mean you can monitor fast and with ease whichever applications are actually running at any time (cos iOS4 multitasking bar is showing both running and previously opened apps and that’s kind of confusing and not helpful at all). From sbsettings you can turn off any apps that are running and you do
not want to use them any more. Some apps that are opened while you are doing something else are in ‘freeze’ mode. That means that iOS4 had saved its state and will restore it when you reopen them while in the meantime the are inactive. You might think that that is ok and since the app is inactive it might not affect your battery.
Well guess what? You are wrong, cos iOS4 in order to “freeze” any app it has to use some of your limited RAM to store stuff. More RAM in use more battery needed and so on (well apparently this is a false statement!). Also, use the very handy “Free Up Memory” from sbsettings that does a great job!

One more thing I have noticed is that iOS4 more often drains battery faster than it should even if you have closed all the apps (phone and mail stay always on btw). I enjoy the goodies of iOS4 combined with jailbreak from the first day it sat on my iPhone so I don’t have non-jailbrake experience of the iOS4. Thus, I can’t really tell if this problem is iOS4’s or is caused byJailbreak. What I do know is that the solution is quite simple. If you notice that kind of behavior then just respring (from sbsettings again) your iPhone and in the 99% of the times the problem will be solved. If not, then just reboot.

To sum up, just try to close any app you exit when there is no reason for that app to operate under multitasking. Moreover, look every now an then sbsettings’ processes tab for any unwanted running apps and also try to respring it once or twice per day. Finally, free some memory through sbsettings. That does the job for me and I am pretty sure it will do it for you to.